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ID Verification

In order to progress your request, you will need to provide proof of identification using Jumio. This process requires a valid Passport, if you do not have a valid Passport please contact the DCC Service Centre on 1800 807008 in order to update your details.

Jumio is a quick and secure method of providing proof of identification. Using this tool, you can capture an image of your valid Passport and upload for verification. Your passport image will be scanned automatically by the tool. If a valid passport is detected, you will be prompted to continue with your application and submit a request to update your details. Once your request is submitted and all details are verified, your record will be amended, and you will be issued with a new Digital COVID Certificate.

The Jumio tool will not retain your passport image or any of your personal data once your request has been fully processed.

To complete your upload, please follow the below steps:

1. Open your passport on the photo ID / personal details page

2. Take a clear photo, ensuring that all your photo ID and personal information is readable

3. Save this image to your computer files as a .jpg file

4. Select the ‘ID Verification’ option below, then select ‘Start’

5. Under ‘Select ID type’, click ‘Passport’

6. Select ‘Upload file’

7. Locate your passport image in your computer files and select this for upload

8. Check the image once again to ensure it is the correct file and the text is readable

9. Complete your upload

10. When the ‘Face Verification’ prompt appears, position your face so it is centred in front of the camera on your device

11. Click ‘Start’ and allow the tool to scan and capture a clear image of your face

Please observe the following to ensure your upload is successful:

• Ensure that you upload an image of your original Passport document. Passport security features will not be detected correctly on photocopied versions of your passport

• Lighting is adequate to ensure a clear image of your passport can be captured

• All text is visible and legible

• Your upload should take 30 seconds, but can take up to 5 minutes depending on Internet connectivity